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Chief Operating Officer

Head of Design

I began my career as a designer, then wandered into other things, but I've always loved creative problem solving. A few years ago, my wonderful husband encouraged me to return to my true love of design and build Urban Rustic Design Company. I've been blessed to meet wonderful artisans and craftsman who share my love of design. If I can dream it, Wilbert and Duncan can make it a reality.

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As a Texas native living in Forney TX, I had one goal in life, taking care of my son Carson.


Working a job from 8 to 5 was not what I envisioned in life and would become pretty boring fast. After teaming up with my (now) business partner Wilbert Grinsven, I started to see where my passion was. Design and execution of anything impossible was the way to go. Never a dull moment, never a groundhog day, a hobby that pays the bills to create a bright future for my son.

My challenge in life is and will always be to get the "WOW" factor from my clients.


"My Drawing Board and Tools are the hands of my Imagination"

As a Dutch native living in Dallas TX, I try to create the impossible, starting with the unknown.

I have a job/hobby that most people dream about, a passion to build the impossible with an attitude of "No Problem". My area is the world, the past and the future. From Rustic to Modern, from small to large scale. The smell of Wood, welding Metal, carving Foam is almost better then my morning Coffee.

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